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Family Church at Home

2nd May 2021

Begin by praying together.
Kids’ Worship Playlist


  • Tell me about how Jesus fed the 5000 people.
  • What other amazing things has Jesus done?
  • How does it make you feel to know Jesus can do anything?
  • What would you like to ask him to do in your own life?

Activity Ideas
A Fishy Lunch – With the help of an adult, make some tuna rolls for your family to eat. You can pretend that you are some of the people who had been listening to Jesus all day and are eating the food that his disciples handed out in baskets to everyone. If the weather is nice, you could even take your rolls outside for a picnic.
If you’d like to print out some colouring or activity sheets, you can find them here: 


  • What is prayer?
  • How can you talk with God? How can you listen to God?
  • What do you want to talk to God about? What would you ask him?

Activity Ideas      
Spin the bottle prayer - On post-its or small pieces of paper write prayer ideas or requests and then place these in a circle shape. Put a bottle in the middle and give it a spin. Wherever the lid points, make that your prayer.  You could include thank yous, praise and even sorry to your list.
Prayer Walk - A few weeks ago a prayer walk was suggested. Why not try this again?  You could try a different activity or repeat one you enjoyed last time.
Go on a prayer walk and try some of these activities as you go
  • Can you find 10 things to thank God for?  As you spot something say ‘Thank you God for…’ 
  • Count the houses as you go, after every 10 houses (or a number that suits you) say ‘God bless the people in these homes’.
  • Set a timer on a phone for perhaps 4 minutes and take some chalk.  Whenever it goes off draw a cross and write God loves you or draw an arrow and write God shows the way (or something else) on the pavement.
  • Whenever you turn a corner read a verse from a Psalm.  You could try using Psalm 66 or Psalm 100.
If you’d like to print out some colouring or activity sheets, you can find them here:

Learn a Bible Verse
Colossians 4:2 “You must keep praying. Keep watching! Be thankful always.”

We are now going to spend 2 weeks on each verse to help you improve your confidence with the verse.

Click here for some ideas of different ways to learn the verse together.  

Finish by praying together.