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Family Church at Home

11th April 2021

Begin by praying together.
Kids’ Worship Playlist


  • What is a miracle?
  • What miracle did Jesus do in this story?
  • Who else in the story did the miraculous thing because Jesus helped him?
  • Is there anything that God cannot do?

Activity Ideas
Walking on Water - On a white sheet of paper, draw the outlines of both of your feet. Cut out your feet shapes. Glue the feet that you have cut out onto the middle of a blue piece of paper or a piece of paper that you have coloured to look like the sea. You can draw some waves and even add fish or other sea creatures if you would like to. Use your picture to tell someone the story of Jesus walking on the water.


  • 1.      What proof is there in the Bible that Jesus came back to life?
  • 2.      How is Jesus still with us today?
  • 3.      How can you spend time with Jesus? (There are ideas in the activities below)

Activity Ideas      
Prayer Poster – Why not create a poster using words, pictures or both as a prayer to Jesus?  It could include things you want to thank God for, say sorry for and ask God for.  Put your prayer poster on display somewhere such as the fridge or your bedroom, whenever God answers a prayer put a smiley face or tick next to that request.
Prayer Walk – Go on a walk and try some of these activities as you go:

Can you find 10 things to thank God for?  As you spot something say ‘thank you God for…’ 

Count the houses as you go, after every 10 houses (or a number that suits you) say ‘God bless the people in these homes’.

Set a timer on a phone for perhaps 4 minutes and take some chalk.  Whenever it goes off draw a cross and write God loves you or draw an arrow and write God shows the way (or something else) on the pavement.

Whenever you turn a corner read a verse from a Psalm.  You could try using Psalm 66 or Psalm 100

If you’d like to print out some colouring or activity sheets, you can find them here:

Learn a Bible Verse
Revelation 1:18 “I am the Living One. I died, but look – I am alive forever and ever!”

We are now going to spend 2 weeks on each verse to help you improve your confidence with the verse.
Click here for some ideas of different ways to learn the verse together.  

Finish by praying together.