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Family Church at Home

4th April 2021

Begin by praying together.
Kids’ Worship Playlist


  • What exciting thing do we celebrate at Easter?
  • Can you tell someone the story about what happened to Jesus? 

Activity Ideas
Celebration Cross – Have an adult draw a large outline of a cross on a plain piece of paper or card. Colour in the cross or cover it with bright scraps of paper, card, tissue paper, or wrapping paper. Make your cross as bright and colourful as possible. Cut your cross out and put it up in your window to let people know that Easter is a time to celebrate Jesus!


  • What’s Easter all about? 
  • What were the most surprising parts of this story?
  • How do you feel knowing what Jesus went through? Why do you think he did that for us?

Activity Ideas      
Easter Card - Why not share the good news of Jesus by making an Easter card to give to a neighbour, friend or relative?  Here is a basic outline of an  idea, you could write Jesus is alive on the inside.
Picture 1
Act It Out - Use action figures or teddies to act out the women arriving at the tomb.
If you’d like to print out some colouring or activity sheets, you can find them here: 

Learn a Bible Verse
Revelation 1:18 “I am the Living One. I died, but look – I am alive forever and ever!”

We are now going to spend 2 weeks on each verse to help you improve your confidence with the verse.

Click here for some ideas of different ways to learn the verse together.  

Finish by praying together.