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Family Church at Home

21st February 2021

Begin by praying together.

Kids’ Worship Playlist


  • Who was Daniel? Tell someone about him.
  • What law did the men ask the king to make? Did Daniel obey the law?
  • Why was Daniel not hurt when he was thrown into the lions’ den?

Activity Idea
Lion Mask – Cut a circle out of the middle of a large white paper plate. (If you don’t have a paper plate, you can use a circle made of paper or card.) The circle should be large enough to look through.Colour the remainder of the plate brown, orange and yellow to look like a lion’s mane. Poke a hole through each side of the plate and tie a string or piece of elastic to the mask so that it will stay on your face.

Pretend you are a lion that won’t eat Daniel because God has shut your mouth for the night.

If you’d like to print out some colouring or activity sheets, you can find them here:


  • How do you think Jesus created all that food from five loaves of bread and two fish?
  • Has God done anything amazing in your own life, or someone you know? Talk about it.
  • How do you feel knowing that God can literally do ANYTHING? What do you most want him to do? 

Activity Ideas      
God does some incredible miracles and created an amazing world with some truly incredible things.  Here are some activities to help you be amazed at our incredible God and thank him for creation and providing.

Think of incredible things God has done and made. (Maybe the stars, or making someone who was ill better.) Write some of them down on paper – you might even want to cut the paper into bread and fish shapes. Pop the paper into a lunch bag. Take turns to take a piece of paper from the lunch bag, as you do thank God for whatever is on the paper eg. God thank you for friends or God thank you for the incredible stars in the sky.

Why not get a book or use the Internet to find some amazing animals? When you find something amazing take time to thank God for that.
If you’d like to print out some colouring or activity sheets, you can find them here:

Learn a Bible verse
Romans 10:13  “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

We are now going to spend 2 weeks on each verse to help you improve your confidence with the verse.

Click here for some ideas of different ways to learn the verse together.  

Finish by praying together.