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Family Church at Home

10th January 2021

Begin by praying together.
Kids’ Worship Playlist


  • What was there in the beginning?
  • Tell someone three things that God made.
  • What did God say when He made people?
  • What does that tell you that God thinks about you?

Activity Idea
Creation Picture – Go on a nature hunt and collect some small things that God has made. You could find interesting leaves, twigs, pebbles, or anything else small and safe to bring home. Spread the things you’ve collected out where they can dry somewhere inside your house. Once they are dry, glue or tape them onto a piece of paper to make an interesting collage. Show someone and tell that person about some of the things you saw that God has made. If you’d rather not go out to collect things, just look out your window and draw a picture of something that God has made.

  • How does God show us that he’s GOOD?
  • What does it mean to worship?
  • How can you worship God this week?

Activity Idea
10 Second Gratitude Contest – How many things for which you are grateful can you think of in 10 seconds? Have a contest with someone in your family to see who can think of the most things.

Journaling – A new year is a good time to try new things. Why not start a journal to write down things you want to tell God. You can start it by writing a thank you letter for the good things He’s given you. Think of some of the things you’re especially glad to have in your life right now. Write them down as a reminder to yourself of the good gifts God has given you.
If you’d like to print out some colouring or activity sheets, you can find them here: 

Learn a Bible Verse
Luke 4:8 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’”

We are now going to spend 2 weeks on each verse to help you improve your confidence with the verse.
Click here for some ideas of different ways to learn the verse together.  

Finish by praying together.