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Family Church at Home

26th July  2020

Begin by praying together. (Click here for some other ideas to help you.)

Why not try bubble prayers.  Blow your bubble and as it blows away say your prayer to God.

Praise God


Read the Bible
Depending on the age of your children you might like to read from a children’s Bible or from the ‘real’ Bible.

Mark 6 : 31 - 44

Watch Together

Why not act out this story now in your home? You could use tinned tuna and bread to make your own version of the meal the disciples handed round to the crowd. Why not take it outside for a picnic and talk about what the disciples and the people in the crowd must have been thinking as the food was given out and the leftovers collected afterwards?

Talk About It

Questions for younger children

1.    What had the crowd of people been doing all day long? How many people were in the crowd?

2.   How did Jesus solve the problem of feeding so many hungry people?

3.   How would you have felt if you had been the boy with the bread and fish? Would you have given your lunch to Jesus? Why or why not?

Questions for older children

1.   How did Jesus describe the crowd of people who came to hear his teaching?
(Just like the crowd we need to hear and understand God’s teaching.  Spending time reading your Bible and praying God are good examples of this.)

2.   What did Jesus do before handing the bread and fish round the people?  (This reminds us to thank God for the food he has provided for us.)

3.   How many baskets did the disciples fill once the crowd had been fed?  If you were one of the disciples how would you have felt?  (This shows us that we can rely on God for our every need.)

Learn a Bible Verse
Hebrews 13:8 – Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

We are now going to spend 2 weeks on each verse to help you improve your confidence with the verse.

Click here for some ideas of different ways to learn the verse together.  

Make or Do
Basket Relay – for this game you’ll need objects to represent fish and bread, plus 12 containers to represent baskets.  Take the objects and place them around the room (just like the disciples done when feeding the crowd).  When all the objects are distributed you need to collect the leftovers in the 12 baskets.  Try and do this as a family and see how quickly you can fill the baskets.

Loaves and Fish Necklace – Use penne pasta to symbolise the bread and draw 2 fish.  You will also need some wool or string.  Put the fish in the middle of the wool/string and feed the pasta through at either side of the fish 2 at one side 3 at the other.  Every time you see this it will remind you that God provides for everything we need.

My Favourite Picnic – Draw a rectangle on a piece of paper and fill it with pictures of some of your favourite lunchbox foods cut out of magazines or supermarket adverts (or draw the items).   Say thank you to God for the food you have chosen.  The next time you have a picnic, remember the very small picnic lunch that Jesus used to feed an enormous crowd.

Pass the Bread Roll – Play this like Pass the Parcel, but pass a piece of bread or a roll around rather than a gift as you all sit in a circle.  Each time the music stops, the person holding the bread breaks off a piece and eats it.  Try to count how many pieces are broken off and eaten before the bread is gone. Talk about how this bread only gave everyone a few bites each but just five loaves of bread fed thousands of people. How could this have happened?

Finish by praying together.  Just as Jesus provided more than enough food for thousands of hungry people, he can provide everything that you and your family need.  Create a list or a picture of things that you need, including food, shelter, clothing, and anything else specific to your family.  Thank God for the things that He has already provided and take time to pray about things that you do not yet have and trust that He can give you more than enough.