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Family Church at Home

28th June 2020

Begin by praying together. (Click here for some other ideas to help you.)

Lie down and close your eyes. Imagine that while you are praying, you suddenly see Jesus. What would he look like? What would he say to you? How would you feel? Sit up and share some of your ideas.

Praise God

Read the Bible
Depending on the age of your children you might like to read from a children’s Bible or from the ‘real’ Bible.
Revelation 21 : 1 - 7

Watch Together

Why not act out this story now in your home?   

Talk About It
Questions for younger children

1.   Why has God promised that he will re-create the world some day?

2.   Who was the person who got to see a vision of the new world that God will make?

3.   What are some of the things we will see in the new world?

Questions for older children

1.Why will God make a new Heaven and new earth one day?

2. What do you think will be the best thing about the new heaven and earth?

3.  Who is the new heaven and earth for?  (How can you book your place?)

Learn a Bible Verse
Revelation 7 : 1 Look he comes with the clouds of Heaven.  And everyone will see him.

Once you have said the verse a few times why not get a ball or a balloon or rolled up sock if you are inside and pass the ball between the people you live with.  Whenever you get the ball you say the next word of the verse.

Make or Do
Heavenly Scenes – What do you imagine Heaven will look like? Jesus showed John a vision of the new world God will make. Draw or paint a picture of what you think this new perfect place will look like.

Use Lego, Jenga, K’nex (or anything else you have in your house) to make the new earth.  Look at Revelation 21 : 1- 7 or watch the video again to remind you of all the things God promises will be in the new earth.

Cut out a large cloud shape and glue on cotton wool to make it look fluffy.  (Top tip remind your child to put the glue on the paper and not the cotton wool.)  Now write out the memory verse and use wool to dangle the words from the cloud a bit like a mobile.  Why not hang this in your window?

New earth charades.  Choose something that will be in the new earth and act it out for the people you live with to guess what it is.

Finish by praying together.  Thank God for the new heaven and earth he will one day make.