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Family Church at Home

Sunday 17th May 2020

Begin by praying together. You could say Thank You to God for the things you have enjoyed doing this week.  Ask God to help you know him better and to enjoy spending time together as a family.

Praise God


Read the Bible
Depending on the age of your children you might like to read from a children’s Bible or from the ‘real’ Bible. 
Judges 7

Watch together

Why not act out the story using soft toys, Lego characters or dolls.  Make sure you help Gideon’s army to make lots of noise!

Talk about it

Questions for younger children
  • Whom did God choose to lead his army?
  • What did Gideon give his soldiers when it was time to fight the Midianites?
  • How did God help the Israelites chase away their enemies?

Questions for older children
  • Why did Gideon ask for a sign from God? And why did he ask for it twice!?!
  • Why did God make Gideon’s army smaller? How do you think Gideon felt about his army getting smaller and smaller?
  • How would you feel if you were one of Gideon’s soldiers going into battle with only a trumpet and a light in a jar?
  • I think this bible passage is telling us about faith and trust in God. God can do more than we can hope for and imagine. Is there anything in our life that seems big/scary/impossible? Try praying about it, give it to God, listen to Him, and do what He matter how scary it is. God loves you and all we have to do is trust Him, just like Gideon did.

Learn a Bible verse
Philippians 4 : 13    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

To help learn this verse, you could….

Write each word on a piece of Duplo or Lego and then build a wall with the works in the right place.  Show your strength by knocking down the wall and breaking it up.  Can you rebuild it really quickly??

Write each work on a strip of paper and make a paper chain out of them – making sure you have them in the correct order!  You can then break the chain to show how strong you are but remember that God give you strength to do all things.

Make or Do
Trumpets – Colour or decorate a piece of paper or card. Roll it into a cone shape with one end narrower than the other and tape the long edge in place to make a trumpet.  Use your trumpet to sing and make loud noises like Gideon’s army did. You could even play the worship songs again and join in with your trumpets.

Follow the Leader – Chose one person in your family to be the leader. Have everyone else stand facing the leader.  The leader gives instructions that everyone else must follow just as God gave Gideon instructions for his soldiers to follow.  After five commands, chose a new leader to get to be in charge for the next five commands.

Word Search – this word search can be done online or printed off.

Flaming torch cupcakes – why not make some cupcakes decorate them to look like flames. Try you own ideas but here are some just in case...



Finish by praying together.  

Coloured Prayers

Start by getting something that has the following colours – it could be Lego, sweets, beads etc.  Put the coloured things in a box or container so you can see what you are picking.  Then everyone picks a colour (if its sweets, you can’t eat them until the end!!) and all at once (if you can, if not do it one at a time) pray as per the list below.  You could have a few rounds of this.

BLUE – Say Thank You to God for something.

RED – Ask God to be with Key Workers (NHS, Emergency Services, shop workers, teachers etc)

GREEN – Ask God to help bring an end to this horrible virus /pandemic

ORANGE – Pray for your family.  They may be missing seeing you.

YELLOW – Pray for the people who run our country.

(You can add more or change to fit you family)