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The worship leader

Sunday morning Worship at EMBC
Sunday morning Worship at EMBC

This comes from a place of passion and calling to lead people within the church family at EMBC closer to God. To encounter God closer than we ever have before and go deeper in our relationship with God through worship.

As a worshiper I have been challenged on a few things about the role of “worship leader” in the church. Here are a few points…

The Role

An effective worship leader, guided by the Holy Spirit, is equipped by God’s grace to combine God’s truth with the gift of music to motivate the church to encounter God on a personal level and to have a personal relationship with God.
The worship leader aims to be a vessel for God and the Holy Spirit to guide the EMBC family to His throne and lead that out- pouring of the spirit onto God’s people. That way we truly encounter God!


As part of the worship team we are called to a life of service. To serve God, our leaders and everyone in His church. This is a massive responsibility. God’s church and calling is of high  importance. The devil is always alert to what he can do to knock us of track in our service for our great God and I believe the following are 3 areas are where we need to commit to God in humility and reverence to ensure we are not shaken in our anointed roles to lead worship …

  1.  Preparing – planning a time of worship can be one of the toughest yet most exciting things. Tuning into what God is saying and conveying that to 200 different people with different needs and situations. It’s imperative to take time to pray and spend time in God’s presence to ensure we are obedient in where he is leading us.
  2.  Delivery – delivering God’s vision and what He has put on your heart to lead the people at EMBC to a place of encounter with God again can be tough and a humbling experience.
  3. A worship encounter – as a leader of worship we need to be ready to lead God’s people and encounter the living God, this needs to be done in personal worship also. A leader cannot lead people to places they have not been.


Leading worship in a public setting means taking what is private and making it public. A worship leader bears themselves to a congregation in order for the worship to be an honest and real encounter.

To sum up, the calling of leading worship is something that is a privilege and not taken lightly for all the volunteers in the worship team at EMBC. We are focused on encountering God as much as we can. As part of the EMBC family we are excited about what God is doing and where we are headed!!!!

Stewart Booth
With input from Emma Smith