A New Way of Living

Reflection on Mary

This week we have been reflecting on the story of Mary as part of our life group material. This inspired some of our congregation in various ways.

David Mitchell was led to write this lovely poem.

Out of the ordinary,
chatter of children,
chores in the afternoon,
village living,
patter of livestock,
same old, same old,
into the day   falls an Angel.

though favour is on her,
the rest is his
when yes is her answer.

Leaving so soon,
stalking assurance,
away from the headlines,
in a family way,
she carries the weight
of the light of the world,
through the tears of her fears,
inspired, resilient,
on the One in her womb,
for courage she waits.

David Mitchell

 Al Burt a member of our worship team was also lead to this song after his meditation over the material.

If you wish to look at our life group material it can be found here along with the recording of our morning service