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Some news from BMS

To go along with our live news feed from BMS world mission we have added a link to their bi-monthly publication.

This caters for anyone wanting news and event stories  from BMS World Mission.

With some amazing stories of the work they do and about the people it is a great read.

Check it out here


Here is a snippet from the latest edition

Raining miracles in southern France

Prayer has led to a miraculous breakthrough for BMS World Mission workers in France.

Robert is in agony. The pain in his arm is so strong that he can’t sleep at night. Ana* and her husband are seriously stressed over debts they cannot pay. Lucy can’t walk because of severe pain in her kidneys.

What do they have in common? God has miraculously worked in all of their lives thanks to the ongoing prayer of BMS mission workers Claire-Lise and David Judkins.

Robert, the Judkins’ neighbour in Calvisson, experienced the first miracle. When Claire-Lise heard about his pain, she offered to pray for him. At first nothing happened, so she tried again. After her second prayer, Robert felt better but still had pain. After five prayers, Robert was completely healed.

The next day Ana told Claire-Lise her good news. “God has provided a miracle for me and I am so excited,” Ana said. David’s prayers for Ana and her husband’s dire financial situation had been answered. Their electricity bill of 800 euros was paid for miraculously, and in their bank account they found 4,000 euros of credit. Both where the money came from and how the bill was paid remain unexplained.

A week later, Claire-Lise went to see Lucy from her Alpha course after hearing about her chronic kidney problems. Encouraged by what had happened to Robert and others, Claire-Lise prayed for healing. Lucy felt heat and something moving in her back. The pain disappeared!

David and Claire-Lise are overjoyed that their prayers for Robert, Ana and Lucy were answered. “After months of praying and feeling like we were walking in the desert, it seems like we have stumbled upon an oasis,” says Claire-Lise.

*Name changed

Pray for Claire-Lise and David as they continue their work in Calvisson.