A New Way of Living

The Vision of EMBC is to make disciples of Jesus, a disciple is a person who is living a connected life. Where they are:

• Connected to God

• Connected to God’s people

• Connected to God’s service

• Connected to God’s mission

Our Sunday services are an exciting time where we can connect more with God as we pursue His presence, worship Him and hear His Word speak into our lives. It’s a time where we connect with others and meet new folks. Many of us connect with service on a Sunday either leading or helping in one of our many activities. Also it is a time to connect to mission, we invite people to come and hear and encounter the good news of Jesus in their lives. We love meeting together to worship God on a Sunday. We are though in a place of challenge, a good challenge. Sunday am services are very busy and we need to create more space. Here in EMBC we have called this challenge, Growing Space.

At our Church AGM on the 19th of February 2015, we agreed on a next step, that will create 70 more seating spaces and refurbish the church into a more contemporary and modern looking space. Some of the drawings and plans are below and will give you a feel for the changes that will be made. The estimated cost of the project is £90,000, and a break down is given on how we hope to reach this figure. God is already at work and nearly £5,000 pounds was given at the AGM! If you would like to make a pledge towards the work please following the link below

These changes will be fantastic, and we are excited about 70 more seats and the refurbishments. Even more so we are excited about the 70 people we pray God will fill these seats with and the pathway that God will then take us on from there.

As for now let us keep praying about this project and praying for the people to come and make a life changing connection to God.

This is how the Church looks now, note the two aisles coming from the front door, the large stage with steps all round and the ‘blue’ plastic chairs at the back of the wings.
This is the proposed new layout overlaid on top of the existing layout (shown in dotted lines). Note the single aisle coming from the front door, the reduced wall at the front door (proposed to be a glass wall) and the increased number of seats. Some of this is achieved by all the main section seating being replaced with chairs that are 1″ narrower and by removing the radiators from the walls. The entire Church will have a new heating system with ‘air’ ducts instead of radiators. Note also the reduction of the stage by the removal of the side steps, this means that to access the stage you will have to walk up the steps at the front, and there will be a guardrail at the sides.
Picture3This is a clean plan of the proposed new layout.
Picture4Baptismal Pool – current Picture5

Baptismal Pool – new