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The journey of worship at East Mains has been a meteoric one in recent years. We’ve seen individuals and leaders search for more and more of God in all aspects of church life. In tandem, the worship life of the church, in musical terms, has grown enormously, going through various incarnations during this time. Moving seamlessly from church organ, to a small group of musicians orchestrally conducted, to the phase of one worship band, we’ve finally arrived at the multi-band format that operates today.

Worship Bands

There are two main worship bands that play alternate Sundays. Both bands are incredibly blessed with talented, spirit filled, worship leaders who strive to bring people into the presence of God each time they lead worship.

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Alpha band

This group has evolved over recent years. Their main focus is to lead worship at the Alpha Courses which run throughout the year. The guys in this band are very committed and work hard every Wednesday. They also lead worship on the Alpha away days.

Sound and Tech team

Our worship is not only restricted to being up front. We have a dedicated sound team and a Tech team that work in the background, ensuring that the collective worship within the church is as good as it possibly can be.

Overall, there are around 40 people involved in all aspect of the worship at East Mains. The team are privileged to be able to serve, and see God work, whilst having great fun into the bargain.