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parenting children courseParenting is harder than ever for most parents today, and no role we undertake in life is more important.  Taking a parenting course doesn’t mean you’re not a good parent – it simply shows that you are want the best for your family.  The Parenting Children course is a five week course for any parent or carer of children between the ages of 0 and 10.

The course is made up of weekly sessions each lasting about 2 ¼ hours including time for a meal.

The sessions cover:

  • Building Strong Foundations
  • Meeting Our Children’s Needs
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Teaching Healthy Relationships
  • Our Long-Term Aim

At the parenting course you will find a great atmosphere that is open and encouraging; practical talks that are informative and fun; small groups based on the age of your oldest child so that you can meet other parents and carers at a similar stage to you; time to discuss the challenges you are facing and how to establish long-term strategies for your own family.

This is what some past guests have said about the course:

‘The course gave really helpful ways of dealing with seemingly impossible situations.’
‘Really enjoyed talking and discussing options available to rethink your actions and most of all to think from your child’s perspective’
‘All the sessions tackle really good stuff, and they don’t skirt around the issues.’
‘Nice relaxed atmosphere to discuss our children. Good to get different ideas on how to deal with issues. There is no right or wrong way to parent your child so its good to hear other parents both in the DVD and in our group discuss various techniques they have tried and used.’

To find out more e-mail us  on parenting@eastmainsbc.com.

You can also call the church office on 01355 249672 or the courses administrator on 07799 022446 (Voicemail)