A New Way of Living

The Kwale Project is a rewarding joint venture between East Mains Baptist Church and Nairobi Baptist Church (NBC). Kwale is a district in south east Kenya that’s approximately 10% of the size of Scotland.

It’s Kenya’s poorest area: there are few health-care facilities. People face a 30km walk to get medical attention. Malaria, respiratory and skin diseases are prevalent, as is HIV. There’s high unemployment and few training opportunities.

For several years, NBC volunteers (who are experienced in healthcare) have visited the region to build relationships with the community. They’ve offered onsite medical care, health education and advice. They’ve distributed food and clothes and they’ve shared the love of Jesus.

Nairobi Baptist Church

NBC recognised that these visits were barely scratching the surface, and after receiving donated land in Kwale, they decided to embark on an exciting and more permanent solution: to build a health-care facility onsite.

The first stage of the clinic opened in March 2014. With a local nurse employed, the clinic offers a range of curative and preventive healthcare measures. Over the next 2 years, there are plans to build offices and a maternity wing.

But it’s not just health support that’s being provided. Training for local people in agriculture has started, as has theological training for local pastors. Children are supported in education through child sponsorship programmes. Sport plays a role in helping to support the local youth population and football is used as a means of breaking down the stigma surrounding HIV.

The project aims to continue to tackle health-care and employment issues to empower people to live healthy and enriching lives. The ongoing support of East Mains will play a vital role in the months ahead.

EMBC gives 30% of its Missionary Budget Fund to the Kwale Project.

Here are some pictures of the progress, from start to finish, of the clinic.