A vibrant welcoming Family Church in East Kilbride

What if twenty steps

across a room

could change your friend’s forever?


In his newest book, Just Walk Across the Room, Pastor BILL HYBELS

paints a compelling picture for how a few steps of obedience

really can touch eternity.


for a Four-Week Church Experience that will refresh your appreciation

for the Holy Spirit’s mysterious ways, rekindle your passion for people,

and revive your belief that the single greatest gift you can give to your friends

and family members is an introduction to the God who …

created them

loves them

has a purpose for their every day.

 Just Walk Across the Room Square

During these four weekends, we’ll learn together how to approach our

sin-scarred world with a relevant, appropriate message of truth – a message

that is conveyed on the heels of a simple walk across a room.

Starts 4 May 2014

 Why not listen to the services so far:

Week 1

“As Bill Hybels describes it, many Christians spend the vast majority of their lives clinging to safe, insular “Circles of Comfort” instead of looking outside the circle to really see the people they are called to impact.”

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Accompanying video to week 1 life group material below

Week 2 – Living in 3D

“Effective, relationally based evangelism can only happen when Christ- followers are truly engaged in the lives of people around them.”

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Week 3 – The Power of Story

We all love a good story,and the Church has got the greatest story of all to tell, God’s story and the story of people who have encountered God.

Learn how to help bridge the gap


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