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The Finance and Property Department at EMBC is responsible for ensuring that East Mains Baptist Church is compliant with all of the regulatory requirements of a number of agencies including HMRC, OSCR, Disclosure Scotland.

Some of its main roles and responsibilities include:

  • responsibility for  the stewardship and management of all funds under the control of EMBC including maximising and administering Gift Aid giving and all other forms of regular giving and donations.

  • management of and prioritising expenditure within an annual budget approved by the membership.

  • paying all financial commitments of East Mains including payroll, external donations and all other expenditure.

  • maintenance and development of property assets owned by the Church including ensuring that the facilities are both fit for purpose and enhance the experience of both members and visitors. (This involves obtaining the support of volunteers to assist with projects and, where appropriate, appointing external contractors to carry out works to a high standard, cost effectively and safely.)

  • maintaining and developing the Church policy for the Protection of Vulnerable Groups including training all staff and volunteers on the application of the Church policy and dealing with requests for membership of the PVG scheme through Disclosure Scotland in ensuring that all relevant workers are disclosed to work with vulnerable persons. (In doing so EMBC strives to ensure a safe environment for all those who attend either the Church or a Church group or organisation.)

  • liaising with External Examiner and OSCR (Office of Scottish Charities Regulator) to ensure that the Church meets its obligations as a Registered Charity.

  • ensuring that the Financial Statements and Annual Return of the Church are properly prepared and approved and submitted as required.

 ** If you pay tax then there is an opportunity to increase your giving to the Church by a massive 25% without you giving an additional penny!
The Government operate a Gift Aid scheme for all charities including EMBC and in effect agree that where you pay tax the Government will donate the tax that you have already paid on the amount you give to your charity.
 For further details please contact the Head of the Finance Department or simply download the Gift Aid Information and Declaration form and post or hand it to Alex Marshall.