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At  EMBC we believe in doing life together. Discipleship is a really big part of that. In fact, it’s the lifelong pursuit of every Christian.

Discipleship isn’t about folk taking part in more organised church activities. It’s about people growing in their faith in Jesus through Bible reading, prayer and community relationships with other Christians.

Discipleship can happen through various aspects of church life, (including involvement in activities and attendance at teaching and worship services) but we’re also trying to make sure it happens through a more relational approach.

Take Jesus’ example – He spent three concentrated years with his disciples, teaching them as they shared life together, getting them ready for what was going to become his Great Commission to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” It’s in the nitty gritty of life that we discover what it really means to follow Jesus.

At East Mains we support each other with various relationship approaches, like one-to-one mentoring, and Bible-based courses. We run “The Jesus Lifestyle” course as a follow-on for graduates of The Alpha Course, looking at some of the radical teachings of Jesus in the ‘Sermon on the Mount’.

The Baptism classes we run, explain our foundational beliefs in baptism, as exemplified by Jesus, and our Membership classes promote church membership as God’s desire for Christians to be in community together.

We passionately believe God has gifted every follower of Jesus with spiritual gifts, both for the good of the church and the benefit of the world we live in. Part of the discipleship journey is the discovering of those gifts for the individual. It’s an exciting process. We see it as our church responsibility to help each Christian in this discovery. It’s our goal to provide opportunities and training for the disciple to use these gifts well, both inside and outside of church.

If you want to know more about any aspect of discipleship at East Mains, please get in touch at discipleship@eastmainsbc.com