A New Way of Living

Pastoral care is a caring ministry, run through the church, which includes home visitation, hospital visitation, telephone calls and other significant community care input.

The pastoral care team meets regularly on a monthly basis to review visits undertaken, plan for future visits and to pray specifically for people and their situations. We value responsible confidentiality within the group and people who undertake visitation on behalf of the church are all members of the PVG scheme (Protection of Vulnerable Groups)

Other practical support we offer includes:

Flower ministry

The flowers on display in the church have been donated by members of the fellowship, and are then delivered to people in their homes by a small team of volunteers.

Card ministry

We try to mark specific life events by sending out a handmade card on behalf of the fellowship. This usually includes a verse of Scripture and a word of encouragement.


From time to time some people may need lifts to church or to hospital appointments. We have several volunteers who would be willing to do this if required.

We offer some of our older members and friends, who attend the monthly afternoon service, the option of being collected by minibus. (Afternoon tea is provided in the Village Centre cafe after the service and people can enjoy a time of friendship and have a chance to chat.)

We hope that our mission statement of “everyone cared for by someone” impacts on the life of East Mains and its surrounding community.

If you feel you would benefit from some of the services of the Pastoral Care Team or know of someone in need, or indeed you feel you could help, then please contact us at pastoralcare@eastmainsbc.com