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Growing Space Gift Day Sunday 30th of August 2015

30 August , 2015 all-day

‘Growing Space’

Gift Day

Sunday 30 August 2015

Hello Folks

As you know there is nothing more exciting than seeing someone connecting to God through Jesus and going on to follow Him. At EMBC we are passionate about making disciples, and we are blessed to see people being saved and the church growing.

With this has come the challenge of space, what we have called, ‘Growing Space’. At our AGM in February the Leadership Team brought a proposal, which was accepted, that we should refurbish the sanctuary. This would increase the seating capacity and modernise the building.

A Development Team was formed, and it has been working on progressing the plans. An Architect has been appointed (Kenneth Martin from Block Architects Ltd), initial drawings have been submitted to building control and we will soon be in a place to put the work out for competitive tender. In other words the plans are moving forward and we would hope by the end of the year for the work to have been completed.

Crucial to all of this being possible are the financial resources. The project will cost around £90,000 and we already have committed donations of £40,445 with any shortfall being made up from the church’s Reserve Fund.

On Sunday 30th August we will be having a Gift Day. As a church family, there will be the opportunity to give towards the shortfall in the funding of this project.

This letter comes then to encourage, inspire and invite you to give towards this project. We know many of you tithe regularly to the church and are generous in so many ways. Many of you are passionate about the mission of the Church and building for eternity. Whether it be a student, a shop worker, a retired person …. our heart is for making disciples and having the space for people to be part of the worshipping community here at EMBC.

Please commit this to prayer and come along on Sunday 30th of August take the opportunity to give towards the project.

Yours in Christ

Jim, Mark, Charlee and the Leadership Team


There are a number of ways in which you can give:

  • One off Gift you can put a Gift into the envelope this letter came in. Your gift can either be cash or a cheque (payable to East Mains Baptist Church).
  • Promiseit may be that you are not able to give a Gift at the moment but know that you will be able to do so at some fixed point in the future.
  • Regular Giftyou may not be able to make a lump sum gift but could give a regular amount each week or month.

Gift Aid

By Gift Aiding your gift the Church will be able to receive an extra 25p from the government for every £1 you give.