Group contact e-mail address list

Group e-mail address Leader
Actingup Ross Lightbody
Admin Ray Higgins
Alpha Simon Jeacocke
Bite and Blether Gail Gamble
Boys’ Brigade Mark Cairney
Brownies Diane Esler
Bubbles Morna Cairney
Campfire Rachael Jeacocke
Children and Youth Richard MacPhee
Churchlife Irene Arton
Communications Iain Murray
Connect Jennifer McLaren
Connect Chicas Gillian Hardy
Connect Girls Jennifer McLaren
Connect Women Jennifer McLaren
Craftgroup Doris Liddell
Discipleship Al Burt
Facebook Diana Wright
Finance Alex Marshall
Google Iain Murray
Guides Anne Robb
Hillwalking Irene Arton
Holiday Club Ross Lightbody
Info Ray Higgins
Jim McGillivray Jim McGillivray
Life Groups Stephen Robertson
Mark Cairney Mark Cairney
Marketplace Joan McGillivray
Marriage Course Tracey Millar
Men’s Ministry Mark Cairney
Mettle Jim Whitelaw
Mission Simon Jeacocke
News Ray Higgins
Newsletter Ray Higgins
Overseas Mission Alex Petrie
Parenting Course Simon Jeacocke
Pastoral Care Irene Arton
Pictures Lenny Warren
Prayer Mary Withers
Property Gavin Haddow
Rainbows Alison Petrie
Recovery Course Simon Jeacocke
Rocksolid Jim Whitelaw
Skiing Jim McGillivray
Splash Anne Robb
Tech David McLaren
Toddlers Janette Booth
Twitter Iain Murray
Women’s Fellowship Myra Allan
Worship Jim Diack
Youth Fellowship Izzi Marshall
YouTube Iain Murray