A New Way of Living

Come as you are

There are songs in the life of every church that resonate and I think are used by God for a season and then they seem to be put on the back shelf and never be played again for what seems like ages. As I write this I’m reflecting on the song we sang this morning, I Exalt Thee which was originally written in 1977, more recently Jesus Culture (Kim Walker Smith) incorporated it into a Worship album and the life of the song was extended and reinvigorated.  The simple words in the Chorus, I exalt thee, I exalt thee simply repeated several times over, are in my opinion the core of what worship is all about. We are there to exalt him. We are there to proclaim him the King of Kings and Lord of all lords. Worship is not about us and what we get out of it, but it’s about what we bring to it and what we offer as our worship. What a fantastic truth in that song.

This morning when singing the chorus of this song there was a tangible change in the room. The whole gathering seemed to be singing with one voice and it was right to rest on the moment.  When we really give of ourselves in worship, bearing our souls and holding nothing back, without worrying about what we sound like or what is going on round about. It’s just God and us, and we want to exalt him.  In those moments, that is when the Holy Spirit draws close to us and touches our lives.  God wants us just as we are, he doesn’t want the pretence of life and image getting in the way. He wants us to simply come to him in our thankfulness, our brokenness and bring our worship to him.worship group

Here are two songs that the Worship Teams are working on at the moment and that have been played once or twice over recent weeks. Both of these are great songs that are worth a listen.

Jim Diack – Worship Leader

Come as you are – David Crowder

Rend Collective – Simplicity